Me Too

by | Oct 18, 2017

Me too


Ego ego

I hear you darling

pulling me across the floor

faster faster faster


more more.

Clothes and makeup

hair and a smile

I’ve got

to give you

a rest

for awhile.

Too much time


planning for the next

taking today

to be here

just this text.

Ego Ego

I know you’re scared

trying to keep alive

keep from pain

keep from vulnerabilty

keep from

too much growth.

It’s true

I get you.

I do. I do.

But alas this life

is not only for you.

It’s for deeper missions

and inside transitions

and head to the ground

full prostration


And a terrible wild

night full of stars

to awaken

the dream at last

fallen into ash.

I hear you love

I hear you light

I hear you Great Intelligence

I won’t turn from you

keep me constant

keep me true.

No more dividing-

I’m open to you

and you and you.

Heart Light growing stronger

I linger no longer

in the veils of seperation

time is now for co creation.

Show me my judgement

that I might give it

up today

I am open to see

what I have placed in my way.

And as many keep posting

and sharing their stories

me too

me too

no shame, no glories.

Just a wink and a reach

out across time

to say to my brothers and sisters


Divine we all are

and divine we shall be

let us help

one another

to heal and become free.

I see where I too

have created

some pain

and with years of self forgivness

I released the shame.

For we’ve all been confused

and at times forgotten

who we are,

now is time

to come together

to become like stars.

Little lights

to heal darkness

and take down

the walls,

this is for you

all my people

let us not stall.

let us not wait

any longer to be

the light that we are

that Love

our true power

in this humanity.