a spiritual adventure

maui 2020

January 25 – 31

This is an invitation.

To the quiet voice inside.

Which becons you to grow.

To heal. To Open.

To immerse into the depths of your being.

There is a way, and it’s not alone.

Join us. The world needs you.

What is Awaken?

An Immersion. A deep dive. A retreat unlike any other. Nestled in the heart of the fertile valley of Maui, we will enter into an advanced Awakened retreat, which will encompass the deepest parts of ourselves, including anything that has been repressed, suppressed or pushed away….. there are no taboos here. Every part of you is welcome.

Who is Awaken for?

If you have ever wanted to explore your full range of BEing. If you have ever wanted a safe enough space and time to allow the layers of your conditioned self to relax, so that your wild untamed nature could emerge more fully. If you have you ever craved a deeper connection to your Self AND to others… but weren’t sure how to cultivate it. This is who this immersion is for.


Mackensie Grant (Satya Pria)

Follow Mackensie into the spiritual depths that transcend a class description, syllabus or itenniary. Mackensie’s role as organizer and facilitator is designed to transport the group into a dimension of learning and healing that is a perfect culmination of the present people and moment. 

Mackensie brings 20+ years of teaching, and expands her offering of Anusara-based yoga with the Work of  Byron Katie, Vipassana Meditation, Method Writing, Sacred Sexuality, Energy Management and Heart IQ.


Mackensie & Sam

Mackensie and Sam as a team create a circle dynamic that is both soft and sharp, but always compassionate, to skillfully bring the participants closer to their own truth. As a mens group facilitator of 8 years, and student of Christian Pankhurst’s Heart IQ, Sam uses his King, Magician, Warrior and Lover energies to hold the group in a safe and sacred container. 

Joan and Tomas Heartfield

We will be introducing you to our beloved Heart Intelligence teachers from Maui, Joan and Tomas Heartfield. They will be joining us for a daylong event and special overnight, which is sure to be a highlight. Their extensive work with intimacy and communication will no doubt leave you feeling inspired.

*Also available for individual sessions

Jody Mountain

Jody Mountain, Student of Kahu Abraham Kawai’i, offers a combination of Ancient Wisdom Sciences, Core Cellular Healing & Ancient Lomi Lomi, (also known as Ke Ala Hōkū — Pathway to the Stars), to facilitate the blossoming of new areas of our consciousness. She will open our retreat and guide us into connecting with the the island of Maui and the richness of her Hawaiian lineages. Jody was an essential teacher Mackensie’s healing path for many years. You will be glad to have time with this embodied being of love.


Asana, Pranayama & Meditation Practices

Enjoy the time and opportunity to really dive into the mechanics and deeper learnings of asana and pranayama.

We’ll be guided by the Uniersal Principles of Alignment of Anusara Yoga, as well as Tantric philosphies and intuitive guidance, weaving together to support you to align and merge with your deepest longing and mission.

Heart Circles

Use the container of the group to hold space for what’s moving inside, and provide feedback to help you gain clarity and expand your range of feeling and expression. This is our most passionate work, and is inspired by a lineage of teachers.


Nourishing the body

Designed for vibrant well being, the diet offered at this retreat is high in prana, and consciously served to heal the relationship of putting food in ones body. Expect a menu that is light in nature, yet not dogmatic, and able to accomodate dietary restrictions.

A note from the chef:

A bit about the food. I am 100% committed to serving food that nourishes us and the land. I source all ingredients local as possible, often from our own farm! If I cannot provide items from my land, I get produce from neighbors or other organic sources. All our animals we raise, are raised with respect and love.

The far majority of the produce is harvested just moments before the meal is prepared, give the utmost vitality and nutrition to the food.

I am constantly reminded of what a special gift it is that I can eat like this and it is my joy to share this with others.


Our Host~

Laulima farm, Kipahulu, Maui

Laulima (literally translated as ‘many hands’) will be our tropical homestead for the week. This beautiful 13 acre organic farm has been the home to many aspiring and dedicated farmers from around the world, as well as a host for a wide range of retreats. We will be nestled in the fertile valley of Maui, a place to truly unplug and go within. Our hostess with the mostess, Beth, has been at Laulima for the last 15 years, creating a deeply loved and loving place to rest, retreat and get dirty if you so desire.




Holly Z

Nourishing food, connection, yoga and breathing in addition to adventures on the island that few get to see. We also were exposed to Heart Intelligence and Sufism – in a safe and open way for exploration. Since home, I have almost effortlessly incorporated much that I learned. The camaraderie was indescribable. Thank you for sharing this week with us.

Carlene B

I just spent a week with the Divine Beloved! Actually, I’m always with Her, but it felt more so on retreat in Maui! A beyond awesome week with these beautiful women. They created a loving container in which to explore not only yoga and exciting island adventures, but most importantly, a deep and loving connection with my new and forever friends!

Kaki G

The Yoga retreat was amazing. It was an incredible mix of yoga, meditation, breath work, good food, good accommodations, adventures around the island, connection with each other and LOVE. Our facilitators were very good at holding the space for all of us to grow and expand together and separately. I have made lasting friendships and become my own best friend. Thank you so much. I will be back next year.

Erin M

My Maui retreat with Mackensie was an incredibly expansive experience. Each day brought its own medicine, much of which was time released and continues to show up for me in surprising ways even months after. Mackensie powerfully held a safe, sacred and deeply loving container in which any and all internal experience were safe to be felt, expressed, and released. My favorite part of any experience with Mackensie as teacher is her ability to see the real, real underneath my surface expressions, and challenge me in her most loving, yet direct way, to experiment with my discomfort. Through her more, than any other teacher so far, I’ve learned the deep bliss that can come from giving attention to my pain. 

Rachel A

Thank you so much for such a deep and healing experience, what an incredible group of beautiful people ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️the container SO held the emotions, and created space for us to truly feel so deeply and make space around those tender and scary emotions. It felt like a dream coming true looking around the circle and feeling so much love and community. Thank you thank you thank you sister ❤️❤️❤️

Gina P

Hi Mackensie! I am still buzzing and glowing from the last heart circle – thank you thank you thank you! It was beautiful and powerful and I am so excited for all of the magic to come.