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Opening to Grace

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Root to Rise

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Awake in the Body

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Discover your Dosha

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Enough Oomph to Get There

Enough Oomph to Get There

I was nervous when I decided to offer this work. I knew it meant living on the edge of my own vulnerability- in my relationship with Sam, and my relationships in all of my life. If this is the work I want to share, then I better be ready for my own life to have the...

How I came to Kitchari

How I came to Kitchari

How I Came to Kitchari 5 min read Some of you know that I used to lead cleansing programs for people. I was super into it. It was a very green and clean super liver detoxifying program full of coffee enemas and garlic grapefruit olive oil drinks. Yep, really. And I...

Me Too

Me Too

Me too   Ego ego I hear you darling pulling me across the floor faster faster faster more more more. Clothes and makeup hair and a smile I’ve got to give you a rest for awhile. Too much time spent planning for the next taking today to be here just this text. Ego...

About Mackensie

Mackensie’s teaching has been called poetic, potent and precise. Having been engaged in the practices of Yoga and meditation for over 20 years, her passion for helping people find their most natural alignment in body mind and heart is what keeps her students coming back. Her classes are breath-guided with a focus on physical alignment, helping to create a deeper sense of freedom. Once we are aligned physically and spiritually, not only do we feel better, we live more and more in the flow of grace. She is a student always, and continues to bring her own discoveries and learning to class making for a fresh class every time. All levels welcome all the time.


This is such powerful work. I couldn’t possibly recommend it more.

Ultimately it has helped me explore the fullness of my being in an incredibly supportive, safe and loving environment.

Mackensie provided an invaluable experience of safety, connection, and encouraged pushing the envelope of comfort in order to release, learn and grow.

A talented, intuitive facilitator, Mackensie guided with wisdom, love, empathy and humor.

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