by | Oct 24, 2017


Abhyanga: oil massage. This is a wonderful practice ( some consider essential) especially for vatta ( dry cool) types.  There are many oils on the market you can purchase to use for this, but you can also buy organic sesame (not toasted) Oil at the grocery store, warm in up in a little pan, and rub yourself down. This can be a 2-3 minute or a longer slower 10-15 minute massage. Daily self- massage with these nourishing oils helps to:

Create a sense of calm

Soothe your body and mind

Promote better sleep

Relax and destress

Nourishes/ Build reserves

Calms nerves

Moves Lymph

1-    Warm your oil

2-    Oil your whole body, including the head,  being generous with the oil, in a SLOW fashion. Massage the oil in for 1-10 minutes.

3-    Take a warm shower with as little soap as possible to keep the oil on. Pat dry.

4-    * For long hair, put shampoo on the hair before you get it too wet and this will help to get the oils out easier😊

5-    If you have little time, you can simply take your shower first, then oil up immediately after you dry off.

There are many great videos and ‘how to’ articles about this self – massage that you can learn more in-depth techniques from.


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